Selasa, 18 Oktober 2011

What is this used for ?

Maybe everyone had asked to them self about what is something used for. Yes its so humanity. I mean when we confused about something new, or something different we usually say "What is this used for ?", and begin from that it will make a branching conditional, do we want to know or learn about it, or just say "I dont care about it".
And if we choose to find out, maybe it will take us to a new a adventure in a new world. Yes thats right, it also mean a new mystery to solve, and I know that the word is too much, :).
But if we don't choose to find out, its also not bad, because it also will take us to a new story of this life. Thats also not booring, :)
Learn for something for some people means open a new window and door to a new place, and maybe a new planet. :)
This is just a first posting, and also a short article.  :)
And I also wanna say : "Dont affraid to trying something new".

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