Kamis, 21 Februari 2013

My Design Portofolio ?

Well, this week I've been come back to love everything about design. Its begin since my friend ask me to design a new Portal Web Page for my company. The requirements is very simple, it just must to have Navigation link to our internal Aplication at the left side and our internal announcements at the right side. Yes, just it !!
Its been about 3 months since my last task to design and build a Web Application. And now I started again this adventure. Back to the task, I think the most important thing is the design, because its content is so simple and it'll make people booring if the design is not too good. So I've been decided to learn more seriously about this.
And Google brought me to many good and powerfull site that show me step by step to build a beautiful website. I also went to a couple of very beautiful and interesting website. It shows me that this is all about love and soul. Actually my interest to art design is started since I was a little. But unfortunely for me, my (hand) drawing is always looked bad. But in this time I think we just should to bring up the concept and the tools will create our design well. So this time (maybe) it should be easier !
Ok back to the journey ! Between several good site that I've found, I think this one is the matchest for me. There're a lot of tutorial, tips, and example there. And I found that this tips is the best start way for me to learn the best practices to design a website. So there're step by step with  a tool provided to help us in each step.
At the first step it said that Inspriation is the first thing to decide. And it gives me the link to this site to find some inspiration. I think that site is good for help us to find a common concept for the design. The site provided many interesting image. But only registered member that allow to bookmark the images. So I decided to register ! But there's no registration page like there. Only invited person could join to be member. So I decided to get invited by fill 2 fields below :
      1. Email Address.
      2. Portofolio Link.
I've thought that I dont have any design portofolio. But its required, so I can;t leave it blank. And I was decided to type my blog's url there.

So now i've decided to include my designs here. Although it just a very little and maybe thats not a good design.

This is my first design for my brother's apparel brand

This is the second logo (the latest)

And finally this is my Web Portal design

This is all just in order to share our design concept. Hope it could give you some inspiration. And If you want to learn more about web design I think my second link is a good way to start. But if you want a shortcut to a wonderful web elements design inspiration I found this link from second link. Ok good luck for you all guys. :)

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